Review Policy

I am currently accepting ARC copies and finished copies for review from Authors/Publishers. I can only accept physical copies of books as of right now.

Books I Like:                            
-Some middle-grade novels
-Romance (young-adult)

I am not a fan of:

I will post honest reviews of ARC copies received from a teens point of view on the book, so it may not be as in-depth of a review as others. I can not guarantee a review will be up within a certain time slot as I am still in school, so am quite busy. Please keep this is mind when sending a request.
I will try to respond to every request, please give me at least a week to reply.If you have not received a response within 2 weeks I am probably not interested.
As I am still in school, I don't have as much reading time as others, if a book needs to be read within a certain time frame please include this in your request. I will try to post the review soon after I have read the book, if there is a delay however I will contact you.

- Reviews may also be posted on goodreads

If you wish to contact me about reviewing a book or have any further questions please visit the Contact Me page.

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